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Panopticon360’s new episodes, DD/MM/YYYY and PTERODACTYL (streaming on!)

Toronto noise-rockers DD/MM/YYYY played a small show at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery before heading to New Jersey to play at All Tomorrow’s Parties. They were good enough let Panopticon360 be there with our cameras to capture their very last show in New York.

Check it out on our YouTube Channel!

DD/MM/YYYY is going on indefinite hiatus after their show in Toronto at 918 Bathurst on November 10th. So this video is a bit of an epitaph for the band. Check it out in all its gonzo glory!

Meanwhile, Brooklyn noise-poppers Pterodactyl are having a big couple of weeks. Their new album, Spills Out, is being released on Brah Records on November 15th. is streaming the album in full, as well as the band’s Panopticon360 session!

Check out their Panopticon360 episode on our YouTube Channel!
Pterodactyl 360 was filmed in the excellent downtown Manhattan recording studio Dubway. Thanks again to Keith and Al for hooking it up.

Pterodactyl official music video for “School Glue” premieres on Stereogum!

Pterodactyl drummer Matt Marlin also directed the official music video for the band’s single “School Glue.” I was the director of photography. The video is a shot for shot recreation of the opening sequence on Superman the Movie. It premiered last week on Stereogum. Check it out. It’s hilarious!

Film of the Week

A Dangerous Method

There will be some who are disappointed in David Cronenberg’s newest film “A Dangerous Method” since it only features some graphic sex and almost no gut-churning physical violence and squishy anthropomorphized insects. Instead, it’s a relatively tame drama focusing on the friendship and eventual falling out between psychoanalysis icons Freud and Jung. Considering that Cronenberg’s films are full of Freudian and Jungian subtext, it’s fun to see him foreground the actual people and philosophies they represent. Not that A Dangerous Method lacks subtext – it’s bubbling with sexual and socio-political ideas beneath the surface. In fact, the film is akin to reading an extremely impressive doctoral thesis. It isn’t as dry as it sounds – thanks to brilliant acting by Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, Vincent Cassell and especially an unrecognizable Viggo Mortensen, not to mention ace cinematography, music, costumes and direction, the film is riveting.


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